Make Matt Number One!

Philipp Lenssen and I started talking about the issue of who is the top Matt on Google in a corner of the web, and I figured it would make sense to finally tell the world about my situation. It might shock many Cuttlets, but I am not the number one matt when you search on Google.

No, that distinction falls to Matt Mullenweg, who writes on his About page:

Howdy. My name is Matthew Mullenweg. According to Google I am the #1 most important Matt in the world, but really I’m just a kid born and raised in Houston, Texas. I write code, prose, and music. I’ve taken a few pictures too.

I like Matt. I use his blogging software WordPress, and have great respect for him. But it’s embarrassing, being only the third or fourth Matt on Google (remember, Google Personalized Search Results mean your mileage may vary). So I have to ask — link to me, and call me Matt! With your help, I can make it to number one!